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Exactly What To Wear To A Babysitting Interview

When a new potential babysitting family is on the horizon, choosing what to wear to a babysitting interview will be an important decision that impacts the future of that working relationship. 

The impression that you leave on a family will determine whether or not they like you, trust you and feel comfortable with their children around you. It’s important to plan this step of your babysitting interview out so that you make the best impression possible! 

Choosing a professional and appropriate outfit for your babysitting interview will also help you execute the interview with confidence. 

A babysitting interview isn’t as formal as other job interviews, but there are important things to remember when you’re deciding what to wear to a babysitting interview.

Here are the 9 tips for deciding what to wear to a babysitting interview, as well as a suggested outfit if your current wardrobe doesn’t fit the bill. 

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9 Tips For Finding What To Wear To A Babysitting Interview

The right babysitting outfit is actually the second impression you make on a family: the first is your resume. Make sure your babysitting resume is as polished as you’ll be at your interview!

Tip #1: Wear Clothes That Make You Look Clean And Well-Kept 

This may seem obvious, but without putting thought into what to wear to a babysitting interview, you may find yourself scrambling with a wrinkly wardrobe. 

Choosing a fresh-looking outfit isn’t overly complicated. The big points to look out for include: 

  • Clothes without wrinkles. You can easily use a garment steamer to get wrinkles out and make clothes look fresh 
  • Clothes without any blemishes. No food or sweat stains, as well as no pilling. Shave pilling off of clothing with a razor to rejuvenate an old article of clothing 
  • Clothes that aren’t intentionally distressed. Ripped jeans or a faded and fringed blouse will give a sloppy impression, even if it’s a chosen style

Tip #2: Choose Clothes That You Can Move In 

Your wardrobe should signal to the parents that you’re ready to jump right in with their kids, which they very well might invite you to do. Be ready to say yes! 

The parents or the children themselves may invite you to play during your interview. You need to be able to accept that invitation and should therefore be dressed to sit on the floor, play on the swing set or hula-hoop in the driveway. 

Tip #3: Don’t Wear Anything Expensive 

While you’re expected to dress well for any interview, the parents interviewing you will assume that you’ll dress in a similar fashion when you come to babysit. Wearing clothes that aren’t appropriate to play in would give the wrong impression to parents. 

For example, wearing a white cashmere sweater to a babysitting interview could give the impression that you’re not very hands-on, or that if an accident with a juice box were to stain your shirt, you’d be at a big loss. 

This is particularly true when you’re interviewing for a babysitting job with infants, who spit up frequently and unpredictably. This leads right into the next what to wear to a babysitting interview tip. 

Tip #4: Wear Clothes That Are Age-Appropriate For The Children You Would Be Hired To Watch 

At the initial point of contact before the interview was scheduled, you should have learned how many children there are and how old each one is. Pick an outfit that would be appropriate to care for those children in. 

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For example, dangling earrings don’t bode well for toddlers and infants, who are learning how to use their hands and love grabbing and exploring! It’s impractical to wear that while caring for young children, and the parents may feel as if you aren’t familiar with the nuances of the age group if you wear a problematic outfit to your babysitting interview. 

Tip #5: No Leggings – Real Pants Only 

Leggings may be comfortable and easy to move in (both of those are wins for playing with kids!) but it looks too casual for a work environment and will give a bad impression. 

A simple pair of neutral-colored pants will check all of the boxes. This can be a pair of black jeans, khakis or brown pants. Blue jeans will be too casual for some parents, so avoid those if possible to stay on the safe side. 

A pair of neutral pants will strike the perfect balance for many families, but if you sense that a family may prefer even more formal attire, you can simply ask them. This would potentially apply to families with their own companies or upper-class families. 

When you’re ironing out the details of the interview, you can simply ask: “May I inquire about the appropriate dress for the interview?” 

If you’re not sure what to wear, keep scrolling for an entire babysitting interview outfit picked out and ready to order. 

Tip #6: Choose Clothes That Are Modest 

Power to anyone who enjoys showing cleavage, midriff and thighs in their daily life, but a babysitting interview is not the place for that degree of skin exposure. 

In some homes, even wearing short sleeves, cropped pants and skin-tight clothing would go against the grain of household, religious or cultural standards. 

Always choose a very modest outfit, even if it requires buying a new piece of clothing or two.

To determine if an outfit is modest enough, bend all the way over in front of a mirror. Can you see anything? If you can, you need a high-cut tank top as a base layer (keep reading for the perfect suggestion). 

Likewise, lift your arms above your head. Does your midsection remain covered, and do your pants stay in place? 

Follow the basic rules of modesty, and if you already know the family, take cues from how they dress.

This leads right into the tip #7: 

Tip #7: Choose An Outfit That Is Understanding Of Any Cultural Or Religious Differences 

If you’re aware of any cultural or religious sensitivities, make sure you consider those as you choose what to wear to a babysitting interview. 

This could be as straightforward as dressing modestly or not wearing sandals. If you know that a potential babysitting family comes from a different religious or cultural background, be as respectful as possible and air on the conservative side. 

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Do a little research into their background, and even ask them what would make them most comfortable. If you’ve met these parents in real life before, follow their lead. 

Hygiene Tips For Your Babysitting Interview 

It’s not exactly the same as what to wear to a babysitting interview, but your general hygiene will influence your first impression even more than the clothes you wear. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

These tips are particularly important for babysitting interviews during the summer, when you may be sweaty or a bit unkempt from driving with the windows down. 

Tip #8: Look (And Be) Fresh And Clean 

Sometimes you’ll be able to prepare for your babysitting interview at your home and go directly to the interview, but other times you’ll have to go to your interview directly from another engagement. 

Be prepared for those interviews by having a few personal items on hand. The first is oil-blotting tissues, for anyone with oily skin. These absorb oil and will help you have a fresher appearance. 

The other important personal item is a travel hairbrush or comb to tame your mane. Every hair doesn’t need hair-sprayed in place, but look well-groomed. 

Tip #9: Be Prepared To Sweat A Little 

Beyoncé said it best: a little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody. Unless you weren’t expecting to be active on this interview. 

Whether the floor is lava or you’re dashing between a pair of newborn twins, babysitting is an active job. 

Wear a long-lasting deodorant that will keep you fresh all day, no matter what activity arises. 

What To Wear To A Babysitting Interview: Outfit Suggestions 

If these tips on choosing what to wear to a babysitting interview still leave you with questions, here are some simple pieces of clothing that will assure you are dressed appropriately and giving a great first impression. 

Bottoms: Simple Pants That You Can Move In 

This pair of jeans have a high-rise waist, some stretch to them and come in a wide range of sizes and colors. 

Remember to avoid blue jeans for your babysitting interview, as that will be too casual for some families. Instead, opt for a classic black or other neutral such as brown or khaki for your babysitting interview outfit. 

High-Rise Black Jeans on Amazon 

Base Layer: A Tank Top With Extra Coverage

A full-neck base layer is not just the perfect selection for a babysitting interview, but it’s also an essential staple in your babysitting wardrobe. A base layer with a high neck will allow you to wear other shirts with too-low necklines and open up a much wider range of your wardrobe. 

There may also be times when an accident occurs and you have to wash your clothes mid-babysit. This doesn’t happen often, but if you babysit for long enough, these scenarios will come up. This could be as simple as spilling food, being caught in a rainstorm while playing or being urinated on (if you change enough diapers, it will happen!). 

A modest baselayer assures that you could change your top while still remaining appropriate. A busy babysitter should also keep a change of clothes in the car for such incidents. 

High-Neck Basic Tank Top on Amazon

Tops: Polished, Simple And Moveable

This blouse would be too low-cut on its own, but partnered with the high-neck tank top, this works well. It’s clean-cut, flowy, covers your midsection well and has 3/4 length sleeves, making it appropriate for most seasons.

Simple 3/4 Length Tunic Blouse on Amazon

Here is a similar style that comes with more pattern options.

Patterned Flowing Tunic Top on Amazon

For a more simple and conservative babysitting outfit, consider this banded pleated blouse, topped with a cardigan-style sweater.

Pleated Blouse With Banded Waist on Amazon

Professional Cardigan-Style Sweater on Amazon

Shoes: Comfortable, Clean, Polished

A pair of formal shoes aren’t necessary for most babysitting interview outfits, but a pair of dirty sneakers aren’t the answer either. A pair of business-casual shoes will go a long way to make a good first impression.

These shoes get bonus points because they’re comfortable and play-ready enough to transition perfectly into your babysitting wardrobe.

Brown Leather Slip-On Keds on Amazon

What To Wear To A Babysitting Interview Summary 

These tips for what to wear to a babysitting interview may be more reserved than your general wardrobe, but that’s not a bad thing. 

How you present yourself at your babysitting interview will determine whether or not the family finds you professional enough and appropriate to care for their kids. 

Remember to keep these tips in mind when you’re deciding what to wear to a babysitting interview and you’ll be poised to make a great first impression. 

After you nail the interview and start working with this new family, don’t forget to choose the perfect wardrobe for your babysitting appointments as well. 

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