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Parents are skimming through a pile of potential sitters. Make their choice by sticking out with the perfect babysitting resume template.

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Go from unsure to interviewing with this babysitting resume template by Better Babysitting. 

An effective resume will make you memorable, leave a strong first impression and look professional. A plain Microsoft Word resume isn’t going to stand out against a stack of other babysitters: go above and beyond! 

You need a babysitting resume made in Canva with extra flare, and made by a professional babysitter themselves. 

How This Babysitting Resume Template Works 

Canva is a free and extremely easy-to-use graphic design software that will help you create a babysitting resume that sticks out of the pile and showcases how professional and energetic you are. 

This Template Includes: 
  1. A video tour that will show you exactly how to customize this resume template to your specifications 
  2. One populated demo, with introductory and summary paragraphs that you’re free to use on your own babysitting resume 
  3. One introduction document that offers design tips so that this babysitting resume template suits your experience perfectly 
  4. Suggestions for additional sections so that this babysitting resume template showcases your experience perfectly 
To Purchase And Use This Template 
  1. Complete your purchase of this template 
  2. You will immediately get a PDF download with a link to your template and instructions/resources 
  3. Click on the link and you will be redirected to Canva, where you will be prompted to make a copy of the template 
  4. After copying, customize the babysitting resume to suit you perfectly! 
  5. Reference your purchase PDF for further help and resources 

Better Babysitting Shop Policy 

This babysitting resume template is for one (1) individual. It is not to be resold or redistributed in any capacity. Given that this is a digital product, there are no refunds or returns available. If you have any issues with your babysitting resume, please contact me at


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