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How To Write A Stand-Out Babysitting Resume Today

An effective babysitting resume will help you land more babysitting jobs in record time. On the other hand, a babysitting resume that is forgettable, or disorganized, or full of errors will imply that the experience with you as a babysitter will be the same. 

The feeling of your babysitting resume will largely inform how the family expects you to feel in their home. So, let’s make sure you make the right first impression! 

After 15 years of babysitting and nannying, I’ve broken down exactly what you should have on your babysitting resume and I’ll even share my template

Before we get into the design and what to include on your babysitting resume, let’s make sure you understand the big picture behind your babysitting resume. 

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What Is A Babysitting Resume? 

A babysitting resume is the first impression you’ll give a family. An effective babysitting resume is professional, informative, clear and fun, just like you will be as their babysitter! 

This is particularly important if you have a babysitting career or if you depend on babysitting to support yourself. By providing a professional service, not only will you attract professional families, but you’ll have better babysitting experiences and be able to ultimately charge a higher rate as well. 

Why All Babysitters Need A Babysitting Resume 

It’s true that you may very well be able to find babysitting jobs without a formal babysitting resume, but this is an important step to take. As a babysitter looking for work, your mission is to find the best families possible and have the best babysitting experiences you can. This is also the resume objective; it’s simply an easy tool that will help you succeed. 

If this is your first resume ever, don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed by resume writing. Just include the necessary information and put your best foot forward. You can make sure your babysitting resume looks perfect with this resume template. 

What Makes A Babysitting Resume Effective? 

The most effective babysitting resumes will answer all of the big questions that the parents will have, give them a sense of who you are and sell yourself over the other babysitters that they’re considering. 

Not all babysitters will have a babysitting resume for themselves, and this helps to show parents that you’re professional, treat this as a real job and sells your services perfectly. 

Keep the dynamite first impression rolling by picking out the perfect babysitting interview outfit.

How To Make A Babysitting Resume 

Google Docs or Microsoft Word are capable of creating resumes, but an effective babysitting resume will be creative and memorable. 

Design your babysitting resume in Canva instead. Canva is a free graphic design software that’s extremely easy to use, and paired with a babysitting resume template, all you have to do is insert your photo and information and you’re going to be interviewing at record speed. 

I’ve designed the babysitting resume template for you. Have it customized and sent out to potential families in no time. 

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What To Include On Your Babysitting Resume 

You can view resume examples in my shop. 

1. Your Legal Name 

Using a nickname or other non-legal name will stir distrust if a potential family looks you up online and they’re unable to find you. 

If you have a nickname that you prefer to be called, include it but make it clear what your legal name is. For example: Eleanora “Elle” Rom 

2. A Short Introduction 

Besides the design of your babysitting resume, your introduction will be the first impression that the prospective family gets about you. It should be friendly, to the point and descriptive. Stretch your hand out with a smile and introduce yourself!

Answer the big question that these parents will likely have:what you do other than babysitting? Are you a student, are you taking a gap year, do you work somewhere else? These questions will come up in the interview, and by sharing them upfront on your babysitting resume, you’ll let the parents understand you already before even meeting. 

This section of your babysitting resume should be short, but don’t let it be dry. Use descriptive language to share what you’re actually like to work with and make them want you! 

Consider using any of these descriptive words in your babysitting resume introduction: 

  • Caring 
  • Sporty 
  • Fun 
  • Energetic 
  • Creative 
  • Passionate 
  • Tenacious 
  • Flexible 
  • Patient 

Want to see how this sounds in real-time? Here’s a great introduction for your babysitting resume: 

I’m an energetic, creative babysitter who studies history part-time at the local community college. With 3 years of babysitting experience for children of all ages, I’m looking for a nice family to regularly work with.

3. A Photo 

An effective photo on your babysitting resume will hit a few key points: 

  • It will actually look like you. Make sure that parents aren’t surprised when they meet you in real life 
  • Make you look friendly and professional. This means nothing un-child like, no photos taken at a bar or in terrible lighting. 

Don’t feel pressured to take professional photos. Use what you have, or if nothing feels professional enough, simply take a nice, well-lit selfie in natural lighting. 

4. Your Age 

Parents will wonder and ask this about you, and it makes sense to share this upfront on your babysitting resume. 

5. Your Base Hourly Rate 

You should provide your standard rate for one child. Identity this as your starting rate so that you clearly communicate that this rate goes up depending on the number of children. 

6. Relevant Work Experience 

Let families know how much childcare experience you have, and with what aged children. Caring for newborns and caring for school-aged children are radically different experiences, and your work experience will likely inform their decision to interview you or not. 

Break this down by age, and elaborate on what kind of experience you have. 

For examples of how this looks, view the Better Babysitting resume template

Not all work experience will be relevant to your babysitting resume. Be selective in what you include. If you don’t have very much specific childcare experience, include other work experience so that parents can see that you’re a hard worker. 

7. Relevant Certifications And Trainings 

Every babysitter should already have or go sign up for the following certifications, at a minimum: 

If you intend to be with children around water, a water safety course is also a must. 

Your resume should also detail the dates which these are valid for. If your trainings and certifications have expired, don’t list them on your babysitting resume. Those only exception to this would be if you’re scheduled to renew, in which case you could list a training as “expired, re-certifying on [date]” so that your babysitting resume doesn’t have the hole. 

A child's leg with two colorful bandages on their knee

This will also hold you accountable for rescheduling and renewing your certifications, which is a really important part of being prepared as a babysitter. 

You should be prepared to validate that you indeed have these certifications and they’re still current if you’re asked, or you may even offer that information to a parent to show your trustworthiness. 

In this section of your babysitting resume, you should also be prepared to list any government clearances that you have, such a fingerprinting or your criminal background checks. Not all families will require these screenings, but if you’re serious about treating babysitting like a normal job, I’d recommend getting them. 

It builds trust and positions you as a professional. 

8. Your Education 

On a typical resume, the education section comes first, but a babysitting resume is a little bit different. Education is important to let the families 

Always remember to include your area of study on your babysitting resume. This will help families get to know you, and if you studied the same or a similar subject as one of the parents then there will be an instant connection. 

Start with your highest level of education and then work down. There’s no need to list education lower than high school. 

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9. If You’re Comfortable With Pets 

More than half of households in the US have a dog, and well over one quarter of households have a cat, so having severe allergies or fears will likely reduce the number of homes that you can work in. (source

If you have serious limitations when it comes to pets, consider disclosing that on your babysitting resume so that parents don’t waste your time by inquiring only for you to learn that this match will never work. 

Likewise, if you like pets and are willing to assume some of their responsibilities while you’re babysitting, make that known as well. 

A babysitter that offers to help with pet responsibilities shows initiative and their willingness to make parents’ jobs easier. Even a petless home will recognize and appreciate that helpful approach. 

Additionally, you will get even more interview invitations if you disclose that you’re open to pet sitting while the family is out of town. 

10. What You’re Willing To Do 

Use this section of your babysitting resume to paint a picture of how else you’re willing to help a family. 

Naturally, you should never list any tasks that you’re not happily willing to do, so keep that in mind as you add these skills to your resume. 

Here are some ideas of tasks that you could include in this section of your babysitting resume: 

  • Light cleaning 
  • Basic meal preparation 
  • Light errands 
  • Running kids to activities 
  • Basic pet care 

Consider including the words “basic” and “light” because in your description so that families don’t assume you’ll scrub the floors or give their Great Dane a bath. Remember that you’re a babysitter first, and household tasks are extras. These are tasks generally reserved for longer babysitting appointments or nannying, when children may be playing with friends or indepently for part of your appointment. 

If a family would like for you to perform regular housekeeping duties, that should be worked into your hourly rate. 

11. Favorite Activities 

Keep in mind that parents of older children may very well look through these resumes together as a family. This section of your babysitting resume will help children connect and get excited about meeting you. 

An Asian woman stands outside with a saxophone over her shoulder, smiling

Some things you could include in this section of your babysitting resume:

  • Any instruments that you play 
  • Any community involvement 
  • Sports that you like to play 
  • Activities such as painting, cycling and reading that you enjoy 
  • Scouting or other organized activities such as this 

12. What Else You Can Provide 

This is the section where you would include babysitting references, if you have any. If you don’t have room on your babysitting resume, you can simply share with the family that you have references that you’re happy to share with them. 

13. Next Steps 

Show initiative and direct parents on what to do next if they’re interested in meeting you. Showing the initiative displays maturity and that you are a clear communicator, and also encourages them to keep moving. 

A simple statement like this is perfect: 

Does it seem like I could be a good fit for your family? I’d love to learn about your children and what you’re looking for! Please call me to set up an interview. 

Optional Things To Include On Your Babysitting Resume 

14. Any Experience With Multiples Or Children With Special Needs. 

Babysitting twins, especially young infants or toddlers, is a special amount of work. Showcase that experience, if you have. 

Likewise, experience or competencies with children with special needs should be showcased in this section of your babysitting resume. 

15. Your Ability To Drive 

Whether or not you have a driver’s license and a car. This will be a deciding factor for some families, as they’ll need a babysitter who’s able to run children to their activities and appointments. 

The requirement of a babysitter with a car may also speak to the location of the family (off of public transportation lines) or the hours necessary (late-night babysitting appointments). 

16. Subject You (Can) Tutor In 

If you excel at academics, consider including tutoring on your resume! It will show you’re willing to go above and beyond to help the children, and also sends the message that you’d be a good role model for children.

Two Black children sit the kitchen table doing school work, looking focused

You may ultimately charge more for this service, but that can be discussed in person upon hiring or at the babysitting interview.

This also applies to musical talents: if children play instruments and have practice schedules, parents will be happy to have a babysitter who can help children practice or play along with them.

17. Community Or Leadership Initiatives 

Being involved in your school, church, community and so on sends a good message to potential families. It shows character, work ethic and gives you another opportunity to connect with parents and children.

This is also the right section of your resume for any accolades, such as receiving a scholarship for stewardship or being a recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award, etc.

Resume Template 

Skip any resume design guesswork by using the Better Babysitting completely customizable babysitting resume template. 

Simply add your text and photo and you will have a resume designed to catch families’ attention. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s an old saying: go the extra mile; it’s never crowded. 

That rings true for babysitting as much as it does in every other area of life! Going the extra mile and creating a resume for potential families is going to yield greater results than doing the bare minimum. 

With these tips for writing your babysitting resume, you’ll be poised to impress, inform and be interviewed in record time. 

Good luck on all of the interviews that you’re about to be offered!

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