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How To Make A Highly Effective Babysitting Flyer

An effective babysitting flyer will help you attract more families to work with, position yourself as an eager babysitter and make you memorable. Making a babysitting flyer is a very low-budget way to advertise your babysitting services, and can yield great results when done correctly! 

Let’s dive into the best design tips, what to include and where to hang your babysitting flyer!

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3 Quick Design Tips For Your Babysitting Flyer 

A good babysitting flyer will show, not tell. For example, show that you’re thorough by putting all of the FAQs parents will have on the page. Show that you’re organized by presenting a very organized flyer. Show that you’re professional by putting forth a professional flyer. Let your flyer make an excellent first impression for you! 

1. Print It Full-Bleed On A Full-Size Sheet Of Paper 

Full-bleed it the graphic design term for printing to the edge of the paper. Your babysitting flyer is going to hang on a bulletin board with dozens of other papers, and it needs to stand out! 

White paper won’t do – choose a colored background (with enough contrast to the letters) to have your best odds of being noticed. Likewise, a half-sheet flyer is not going to be as noticeable; spring for a full-size ad. 

It will likely cost less than a dollar to print full-bleed instead of leaving a margin, so make that small investment in your babysitting business to print flyers full-bleed at a print shop. 

2. Use Colors And Big Text So Parents Notice Your Babysitting Flyer  

Picture a crowded bulletin board with your babysitting flyer on it. Does yours jump out? Or does it bleed into the other flyers? 

Make sure your flyer is noticeable. In tip #1 we covered using a colored background, and now on top of that include big text. Your headline should be large, 60 points or bigger. 

Put your heading in large text that jumps off the page, something like:

  • Need a babysitter? 
  • Babysitter for hire 
  • Local babysitter looking for families  

Big text will get parents’ attention and draw them in. Now, once they’re up close and reading your babysitting flyer, make it convenient for them to act with tip #3. 

3. Make Tear-Off Tabs At The Bottom For Convenience 

Show parents that you’re ready to make their lives easier already by making a convenient babysitting flyer with pull-off info tabs at the bottom. 

These tabs should include all of the essential information: your name, your phone number and the service you’re advertising (I know many moms have a wallet stuffed with these!). 

Bonsu design tip: If you have a designed babysitting resume, make sure that they match. 

How To Make A Babysitting Flyer On Google Docs 

You have a few options for making your babysitting flyer. The first is either Microsoft Word or Google Docs. To create your babysitting flyer in Google Docs, simply click a new file or open a Google Docs template: 

The pros of these programs are that they’re easy to use and you are likely already familiar. However, you are very limited in your design options. 

The better avenue for designing your babysitting flyer is using Canva, a simple and free graphic design software that anyone can use. 

How To Make Your Babysitting Flyer In Canva 

Canva is your best tool to make a stand-out babysitting flyer. It’s a free graphic design program that is extremely easy to use and will yield measurably better results with less headache over a Google Docs flyer. 

It comes loaded with template designs already (specified for other jobs, which will need altered to suit babysitting). Or, you can use a template specifically designed for babysitting businesses. 

How To Use A Babysitting Flyer Template 

Skip the guesswork of designing an effective babysitting flyer and hit print today with a babysitting flyer template. The Better Babysitting flyer template is ready to customize and is tailor-made for babysitting businesses.

What To Put On Your Babysitting Flyers 

A parent has walked up to your flyer at the bulletin board; what do they see? They need to see clear information that answers all of their basic questions in order to motivate them to take action and act upon seeing your flyer. 

Section 1: A Header 

We covered this in a prior section, but remember to include an attention-grabbing headline (babysitter for hire, etc) that’s roughly 60 points large (or larger). 

Section 2: Purpose Of Flyer 

Who produced this flyer, and what’s it for? This next section of your babysitting flyer should help the reader to quickly identify if this flyer pertains to them or not.  

Speak in third person here to explain yourself. For example, an example of an effective purpose statement for a babysitting flyer is: 

  • A fun, energetic babysitter is seeking new families to work with 

Keep it short and use adjectives so paint the right image. 

Are you applying directly to babysitting families as well? Get your babysitting resume polished and ready! 

Section 3: Babysitter Introduction 

It’s time to extend your hand and say hello! Introduce yourself and give a few of the bullet points to summarize who you are. This could look like: 

  • About Me: I’m Elle! I’m a college student who loves kids and has 3 years of babysitting experience 

Section 4: About The Family 

It’s time to show clarity and maturity by stating who you’re looking for. Remember, having a babysitting business isn’t just about families wanting you; it’s also about you wanting these families. Not every family and every babysitter will be the right fit, either logistically or personality-wise. 

Make your needs clear in this section of your babysitting flyer. For example: 

  • About You: Nice family local to the Forest area, in need of regular or as-needed babysitting 

Section 5: Offering Directions Of Where To Go Next 

How do you want this family to get into contact with you? How should parents proceed? Tell them explicitly in this section: 

  • Could it be a good fit? Please give me a call at (123) 456 7890

Section 6: Info Tabs 

As discussed earlier, include tear-off tabs on your babysitting flyer for maximum convenience and efficiency. 

Include your name, what service you’re advertising and how to get in contact with you. 

Once you get called for interviews, make sure you put together the perfect babysitting interview outfit!

Where To Post Babysitting Flyers  

You want to hang your flyer wherever parents go! Which, thankfully, is everywhere. But let’s first find parent-specific opportunities. 

Child-Specific Places To Hang Your Flyer 

Remember to always ask permission before hanging your flyer anywhere, and bring push-pins with you! Most bulletin boards won’t provide those. Take a roll of tape as well, as a plan B.

  • Your local YMCA 
  • Shops that sell second hand children’s clothes and toys (many towns have one) 
  • Your local library, many of which have robust community programs for childrens 
  • Church, school or daycare bulletin boards if they allow advertising 

Community Hotspots 

  • Local coffee shops and cafes 
  • Restaurants, especially those that sponsor local teams (they’ll often display team photos on the walls) 
  • Gas stations 
  • Community centers

Sharing Your Babysitting Flyer On Social Media 

If you know of local parent groups or community groups, share your babysitting flyer on social media well! Remember to make the post public and make it clear that it’s okay to tag people or share it without your permission. You may very well have babysitting business come to you this way via your existing network! 


Follow these instructions and you’ll have an extremely clear, professional babysitting flyer on your hands, and I reckon a pile of interviews as well! Happy babysitting. 

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